Bedlam Tuesday! Escape the Heat

Phew! It’s getting steamy out there. Pop into Merlins Rest and escape the late afternoon heat with a pint and some air conditioning. Bring your computer and jump onto our free wi-fi if you still have a bit of work to finish up. Hey: We open at 4. Join us!

And speaking of hot: it’s Tuesday which means Bedlam will be here this evening to warm your ears with the good tunes. You might even join them in a whisky toast (and at the same time get yourself in the mood for Thursday, August 2‘s single-malt scotch tasting event).

Oddities from the Isles

* YouTube isn’t just for CNN-led presidential debates; it’s also for famous British battle re-enactments.

* The first European harp competition has been held in Cardiff.

* Ireland is dealing with its own unique immigration crisis. More than 100 Roma gypsies are camped along a motorway, with 21 more having arrived recently from Bucharest.

* And an Aussie named Tim Goodacre, who travels with a stuffed donkey named Asal, is attempting to have a drink in every pub between Mizen Head and Mailen Head…for charity. (Nice excuse!) The circuitous journey–Goodacre on foot, Asal on his back–has led the team to 138 pubs in 33 days. More await.

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