Open Up! It’s Monday

I know, I know. You may be the sort who feel that Monday is the enemy. It is, but don’t let that keep you down! Monday night is a fine night to strike back at the week.

Tonight at Merlins Rest we’re feeling creative. It’s an Open Mic night. Arm yourself with a guitar, an accordian, a singing voice; a poem, a story, a chapter from that secret novel. We’ll welcome it. So please join us in support of staying creative…especially on a Monday!

Oddities from the Isles

* Buckingham Palace is being temporarily transformed into a caravan park.

* Say it ain’t so! Reality shows in Britain have been accused of being stage. Really?

* An Aberdeen convenience store has been hit by daily thefts…by a crisps-loving seagull.

* The smallest school in Wales (and the entire UK, for that matter) has closed. It was down to just two students.

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