A Sweet Thursday

Man, if there is a night to sit on a patio, this is going to be it. Join us at Merlins Rest and sit out under the umbrellas, take in the breeze, scoot your chair into the late-day sun. Get friends together after work, call that sibling you haven’t seen for a spell.

Point being: enjoy this day! It’s really lovely out.

New on the Menu

 If you’re looking for a summer treat, give a try of our Pear Cider from Ace. It’s on tap and it’s a nice opener or closer to an evening. Easy drinking, refreshing, a little summer sweetness.

Technically, a cider should be only apples, yes; but Ace doesn’t care and neither do we. It’s good stuff!!

Coming Soon

Thursday, August 2, 7:30 pm – Our next single-malt scotch tasting. Details soon.


* An Australian rugby player was in a head-on collision during a match. For three months thereafter, he had headaches and eye infections. Finally, they found the cause of his pain. GAH!! (Thanks–I think–to Keith for spotting this story.)

* Poking about the world on your weekend with a metal detector may be for nerds, but they are nerds with useful discoveries! Check out this find from the UK.

* The British Open golf tournament is underway at Carnoustie in Scotland.

* Adopt-a-bunny

* And despite poor weather the Royal Welsh show will go forth. For those who play the Sunday pub quiz, don’t be surprised if Dingley pulls out some weird trivia from this animal-filled event!

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