Sunday Pub Quiz – 8 pm

Blue skies continue! Join us tonight in the pub and even on the patio for the weekly pub quiz. It’ll take place at 8 pm with our Welsh host, John Dingley.
The math: 25 questions, 2 points per question, teams of up to 4. Also: Each week you attend you earn 1 point for attendance and that is added to your team score. When a team score reaches 50, that team wins the pot. We put $40 per week into the pot, and last time it took 10 weeks to find a winner…because one week you might score 47 but have only 2 attendance points (aggregate: 49); and the next week maybe your team scores 36 and you have 3 attendance points (agg: 39). As such, everyone is always in it; but the attendance points are very helpful. When someone wins the pot, the attendance points reset.

Okay. Yes.

Some trivia (not necessarily to appear in this week’s quiz, but warming you up):

* What was the name of Roy Rogers horse?

* What is the capital of Montana?

* Who wrote Catcher in the Rye?

* Which former First Lady died this week?

Answers: Trigger * * Helena * * JD Salinger * * Lady Bird Johnson


Ceili Dancing and Open Mic Night – Monday – 7 pm (ceili dancing) 8/8:30 pm (Open Mic)

The Birds and the Beers – Tuesday – 6 pm – An informal gathering of bird enthusiasts. All are welcomed!

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