Kilt Night, Celtic Music, and Weekend Fun

Bill, Jordan and Fiona open the second of our monthly single malt tastings. We visited the Highlands this time ’round.

Friday arrives! And what a gorgeous week it’s been. We awoke to find City Pages sweet Blotter nodding to our site as the “Minnesota Blog of the Day.” Also, MNspeak gave us some recognition too. Lovely. Thanks for that! And to boot we’ve had grand weather and great times here. (Keith: Great to see you last night, and please let your brother know that the olive catapult is outstanding! Amy and Ian: Your stories about the Viking Bar were hilarious.) These have been good days. We had a single-malt scotch tasting, the folk jam, a really nice mention in the Pioneer Press, Bedlam’s Tuesday nights here continue to wow, Tom Bradley’s music in the pub has been awesome, and the Birdchick scheduled our first informal gathering for birdwatchers. Cool. More about that in a moment.


Friday: It’s Kilt Night! Join us for some Celtic revelry. Kilts, the session musicians, and loads of good people. It’s always a good time.

Saturday: In the morning on Saturday and Sunday, while the pub isn’t open we’ll be posting some news about what went on in the news during the week. Sort of a warm-up to Sunday night’s popular pub quiz. So stop by the site in the a.m. to catch up on the week that was. In the p.m., join us for music by the Hot Club.

Sunday: The Sunday Pub Quiz! Starting at 8 pm: 25 questions, 2 points per question, $40 per week put in the pot. You get one point for each quiz you attend and those attendance points are added to your final quiz score. When someone reaches 50, they win the pot. (Last prize took, amazingly, 10 weeks even though some very formidable players were on the verge since week 3 in that cycle!) Teams of up to 4 are allowed. It’s free and fun to play.

Tuesday: The Birds and the Beers! Join the Birdchick, our ornithologist publican (John Dingley), our ornithologist bartender Bob, and many others for an informal gathering of birdwatchers and enthusiasts. And did you know that Minnesota has its own ornithologists union? Check ’em out. Smart folks and great photos in their gallery.



* The Becks and Posh Mothership has descended upon Los Angeles!

* The British military has been blamed by many Iraqis for unleashing honey badgers in Basra. (Are there not worse problems?)

* A Scottish man bought a snake over the internet–and was sent a “man-eating” python. I wonder if he at least got a good price for it…

* Would Belfast by any other name smell as sweet?

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