Folk Jams, Affordable Kilts, and a New Bond?

As Mel Allen used to say, “How about that!” The Pioneer Press’s “Ask Allison” column of July 10 featured the question: “Where can I find an affordable kilt?” Allison’s answer: Bill Watkins, Merlins Rest’s Minister of Culture! It’s true. Visit Bill at the pub and inquire. When can you find the man? Most evenings he pops up for a bit to say hello to us for a bit, but you can always catch him on Wednesday night for the Old Molly’s Folk Jam and on Friday nights for, what else?, Kilt Night with the Celtic Players!

(Thanks, Allison, for thinking of us! We appreciate you.)

Old Molly’s Folk Jam

Wow. Could we ask for better weather? Of course. We could ask. But could we get it? This little respite from the fierce heat is quite nice. It’s worthy of a pint. Join us tonight for the grand sounds of the Old Molly’s Folk Jam (beginning between 7:30 – 8:00 pm) and your favorite drink. Sit in round the musicians if you like, or perhaps take in the sunset on our patio and continue enjoying what’s been a fine summer.

Oddities from the Isles

* There’s a new Bond! Well, a new Bond writer. Sebastian Faulks has been selected to author the new Bond story to be released next year as part of the centennial celebration of Ian Fleming’s birth.

* The fifth Potter film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is released today.

* A tv vet has rowed down the Thames in a giant dog bowl.

* And one of Dylan Thomas’ seaside homes is to be auctioned off. (Hey, Dingley! How ’bout we open a distant branch of Merlins Rest?)


– THURSDAY, JULY 12, 7:30 pm –

The next single-malt scotch tasting will be held this Thursday night, July 12, at 7:30 pm. This month we’re hitting the Highlands! For those participating, you’ll pay $25 and receive 4 – 5 whiskeys.

Music follows. Local singer/songwriter Tom Bradley will be in the pub. So whether the single-malts are your thing or not, there’s plenty of fun for everyone at Merlins on Thursday night!

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