Manic Monday – Ceili Dancing and Open Mic

The Tour de France kicked off in England yesterday with a thrilling sprint and now heads back over the Channel to continue on its way. Oui! Roger Federer and Venus Williams took home the Wimbledon trophies over the weekend–and for equal pay this time! And we’re just now getting word that Tony Blair once heroically rescued new Prime Minister Gordon Brown from a locked toilet.


Irish ceili dancing returns to Merlins Rest tonight! Good. Let us not be curmudgeons about Mondays. Instead, keep the happy days coming. Join us and learn more about this traditional dance style. Participate if you wish or just observe as you sip a glass of summer wine or an iced tea or a pint of the Good Stuff. Afterwards, we’ll hold an open mic. Got a poem or song to share? Bring your verse, your guitar, your voice.

Dancing starts around 7:00 pm and continues through about 8:30. Open mic follows for a spell.

Join us and enjoy!

Other News

 * Microchipped horses in Blackpool

*  A dog had quite a fall at the aptly named Dog Falls

* The Welsh held a bog triathalon

* And from outside the Isles: While the notion of “refer madness” is a bit out of hand, Swiss officials have been battling a problem of…young, angry deer?

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