Jug Band Thursday! – Single Malt Tasting

Do not adjust your televisions! Ignore them altogether and pop down to Merlins Rest where the Fat Chance Jug Band will provide the tunes, 7:30 – 9:30 pm. It’ll be a blast.

Save the Date – July 12 – 7:30 pm

Our next single malt scotch tasting will take place on Thursday, July 12, at 7:30 pm. Join us as we hit the Highlands! Good fun and great whisky. For a list of our stock, please see the Menu page.

In the News

It’s always good to stay current with the news from the Isles, especially since this sort of info may pop up during the weekly Sunday Pub Quiz (which features $40 put in the pot every week until someone scores high enough to win it–you attendance points add to your score). Some stories we find interesting:

* This year’s Tour de France will begin in…LONDON. We’re not kidding. Stage 1 to Canterbury is Sunday, July 8.

* A cave home in England has sold for nearly $200,000.

* Perhaps our chef should take note! Shopping channel QVC moved 19,000 Scottish sausages inside of five minutes to its US viewers.

* The singing salesman of Wales, who won the Britain’s Got Talent tv competition, has signed a US record deal.

* Jealousy sets in: The Irish get a full-month paid leave per year! Guaranteed!

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