Fat Chance & News from the Isles

This just in: the Fat Chance Jug Band will be in the pub on Thursday night! Outstanding. Use the link at the head of this news to visit their website. Music 7:30 – 9:30 or thereabouts. It’ll be a blast, friends. Please join us for the good tunes and a little weekend warm-up.

News from the Isles

* A Viking-style ship has set sail from Denmark for Dublin to recreate the old journey. One hopes similar mayhem does not follow!

* Good news on the office front! Especially for those who find whiteboard projector meetings to be a source of terminal boredom: they may post a prohibitive health risk. Then again, maybe one wants to hide in the dark?

* Dr. Who gets a new travel companion.

* The Singing Friar is moving on.

*  And here’s an interesting site: The Irish Emigrant. News for the global Irish community.

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