Saturday on the Patio, Caught on Film, and the News

Wow. The pleasantness of a Minnesota summer continues. Why not pop by and have a pint on the patio? And later the Hot Club plays. Outstanding evening.

Caught on Film

Bill Watkins playing his part, as photographed by Terry Faust. (If any of you have a photograph to share from your visits to the pub, please email us!)


Foremost, let me remind you that $400 was given away at last week’s Sunday night trivia! Three teams (total 10 people) split the pot, which goes to contestants surpassing 50 points. Each quiz is 25 questions, teams of up to four are allowed. Each fully correct answer is worth 2 points. Did they have perfect quizzes? No. But each week you earn one point for attendance and your attendance points accrue. So if it is your eighth quiz and you score 42 you have an aggregate 50 and win a piece of the pot! $40 goes in each week. When someone wins, your attendance points reset. So come play this Sunday night at 8 pm and know that you’re on level footing with your pub mates. The quiz is fun and free to play.

From the Isles

* A Ulysses-like cat has returned home after 10 years away.

* The UK’s smoking ban in pubs is about to go into effect.

* A frightened dog has exemplified the old adage of “Out of the frying pan, into the fire.” Poor pup.

* And the Donny Osmond mothership has descended upon Wales!

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