Kilt Nights and Celtic Players

Friday! Outstanding. Tonight at Merlins Rest it’s Kilt Night. (Kilts not required, but some of us will be in them and if you’ve got one, feel free to wear it.) The Celtic players will also be in the pub providing the grand tunes. Please, friends: Welcome the weekend with us!


Wow. What a week! Paris Hilton gets out of jail (natch), the iPhone is released, and the concept of a space hotel is literally being floated…in space.

 Other stories…

* Welsh monks hoping to save an infected cow from slaughter have filed a last-ditch appeal. They consider the cow–named Shambo–sacred.

* Five Scottish politicians have vowed to make their homes energy efficient. Of course, the rest of us might try these things, we just wouldn’t get press for it!

* This apple and pecan strudel at Jamie Oliver’s website (aka, The Naked Chef) looks lovely.

* A new study suggests that Ireland’s immense prosperity in the past decade has not caused the sort of social damage often linked to prosperity in other nations. The Irish apparently refuse even to do materialism like the rest of the world! Well done.


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