Folk Jam Wednesday, $400 Prize, Thursday Preview, and Bye-Bye Blair

Ah, the single malts at Merlins Rest. Photo by Terry Faust.

It’s Wednesday! Humpday. The weather is gorgeous and the folk jam will be happening this evening, circa 7:30/8:00. Billy Watkins and other musicians will be holed up in a lighted corner of the bar providing some sweet tunes. It’s a grand time. Pop in, have a pint and a bite to eat, feel good.

$400 Prize

Wow. We’ve been putting $40 in the trivia pot each week waiting for a team to reach 50 points. Each week participants are given 1 point for attendance. Those attendance points compound and are added to each week’s final score. (Example: You score 42 on the quiz and have attended three times. You have an aggregate 45.) This past Sunday–the weekly quiz is held every Sunday at 8 pm–THREE teams reach 50. As such, the $400 was divided between team members and the pot starts over. Get in on the action this Sunday! The quiz is free and fun to play.

Thursday Preview

Paul McCluskey and friends will showcase some Irish ceili dancing at Merlins from 7 to 9. Feel free to join in and give it a try or simply observe and learn a few steps. A new Thursday event!

Also, at 9 local musician Tom Bradley will take the mic. He recorded his CD with computer equipment at home…in his closet! It’s a nice recording, and it’s wonderful to have him playing live.

Bye-Bye Blair

Tony Blair has officially stepped down as Prime Minister of England and Gordon Brown has taken over. Also, Prince Charles no longer has a carrot to offer UK grocers. Seriously.

And: Come on, Tim!

Billy Watkins reads from his memoir Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish during the recent single malt scotch tasting. (Copies available for purchase at the pub.) Photo by Terry Faust. The next tasting will be July 12 (Thursday) at 7:30…at which time we’ll hit the Highlands. Mmmm.

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