Bedlam Tuesday, Single Malt Photography, and Recipes

A bagpiper outside Merlins Rest on Thursday, June 21, during the first of our single malt scotch tastings. Photograph by Terry Faust.

It’s Bedlam Tuesday, everyone! The boys will be in the pub tonight providing the good tunes. It’s grand stuff. Please join us and Fabulous Records! It’s always a fine time.


Speaking of fine times, last Thursday was a gem of an evening. Jordan hosted the first-ever Merlins Rest single-malt scotch tasting, Bill Watkins read, music was played, and all in all people had a lovely time. A few participants have shared images from the evening. We’ll post a couple today and tomorrow.

Aaron sent us the following (good man!):

The tasting table.

Jordan and yer man John Dingley.

And some of the good people we’re so fortunate to trade tales with in the pub. Thank you, friends!


Our chef invites the pub revelers to submit their recipe ideas for inclusion on the Merlins Rest menu! Credit will be given, of course. We’re looking for the best of the Isles pub fare. Got an inside line on some killer Toad in the Hole? or perhaps a hankering for minty mushy peas? or some brilliant brownies? Let us know and we’ll do what we can. We’d like to create some specials with your input.

Drop us an email or stop up and leave word for Chef.

Happy days, indeed!

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