Bedlam Tuesday! – In The News – Random Moment

Every Tuesday night finds one of our most spirited crowds and spirited musical acts providing the energy at Merlins. It’s Bedlam and the good kids of Fabulous Records! Please join us and enjoy the good tunes. Music starts around 9.

And while you’re here, why not ask about June 21’s Single Malt Tasting event? Information is also posted on our Events page.


Interesting notes from the Isles: Photos from the opening races at Ascot. Glastonbury’s mudfest returns. A bra causes the collapse of a sewer. And a lorry driver has been given 8 weeks in jail to think about the dangers of driving while eating spaghetti. He was caught steering with his knees as he ate. Welsh justice!


Your humble reporter is writing this from the D Concourse of MSP. A man with a bandaged ear is sitting beside me and repeating “Hello?” into his phone. This has gone on for two minutes. I suspect no one is on the other end.

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