In the News

It’s Monday, indeed. Let’s not let that worry us. Keep the brain moving–and keep your eyes and thoughts on Thursday for the first of our monthly single-malt scotch tastings. It’ll be held at 7:30 pm Thursday, June 21. Want to know the selections we may choose from? Check out our menu page.


A look at what’s going on back in the Isles:

England: The BBC reports that it must be more impartial. The pub smoking ban in Minneapolis took long enough to gain traction and acceptance, but consider the challenge in Liverpool: legislation to limit smoking in homes. And a major push is on to have Stonehenge voted into the New Seven Wonders of the World (to be announced in Lisbon on July 9).

Scotland: 1500 football fans gathered in Dunoon for the annual Swamp Soccer tournament, a growing global event that features the Beautiful Game played in some hideous mud. And Judy Murray, mother of young tennis star Andy Murray, plans to open an elite tennis academy.

Ireland: Gah! A man found in a Galway fish shop freezer reportedly may have been in there for FOUR YEARS. And the well-known cycling team, Team CSC, has confirmed it will compete in this August’s inaugural Tour of Ireland.

Wales: Welshman Paul Potts–the “Singing Salesman”–has won the Britain’s Got Talent contest. (Why didn’t John Dingley enter!?) And some lovely images from around Wales are posted on the BBC by its readers.

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