Getting Hot & In the News

Some facts have to be faced: the Bay City Rollers were inexplicably onto something about Saturday night while the rest of us apparently slept. (How had that anthem idea escaped the world until 1976? And why was it the Bay City Rollers who nabbed it from the ether?) But they realized it was for the taking.

Take it back, friends! Have a bit of cottage pie and a pint and enjoy the evening at Merlins Rest. The Hot Club will be performing.


A quick look at some items from the Isles:

England: Novelist Salman Rushdie and former cricketer Ian Botham have been knighted. Dame Edna was also honored–but will the Queen accept an interview from her?

Wales: A windowbox on a pub in Cardiff has become the home of a mallard–that’s a wise duck, hey. And for readers of Welsh: “Anrhydeddu 57 o Gymry.” (Footballer Ryan Giggs has been offered an Order of the British Empire honour.)

Scotland: Care to know what life in Scotland looks like? Take a look at this weekly series BBC reader photos. Want to know what Scotland smells like? Check out this Fathers Day piece from the Independent.

Ireland: Bertie Ahern, the “Teflon Taoiseach,” has been elected to a third term as Irish prime minister. And the Irish Independent reports on how 78% of women in Britain wear inappropriate shoes while driving–in answer to which the women drivers’ insurer Sheilas’ Wheels have unveiled driving heels.


Don’t forget! Sunday night’s at 8 pm we host our weekly pub quiz with a rolling cash prize.

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