St Andrew’s Is Here!

While the official St. Andrew’s Day is November 30–St. Andrew being the patron saint of Scotland–that doesn’t prevent a grand gathering under that name. Minnesota’s St. Andrew’s Society, a Scottish heritage and culture group, will be in the pub tonight to hold their second pub night of the summer. This is an open event, not a private function. All are welcome!

Come learn more about their activities or celebrate Friday in your own way while in the background the Celtic players provide the tunes.

We all had a tremendous good time last month when the society was here. We expect no less tonight. Join us!


There is, it seems, one other Merlins Rest in the world: a self-catering bed and breakfast in Brittany. Isn’t a self-catering bed and breakfast more of a bed sans breakfast? Let’s hope there’s at least a coffee maker! To split hairs on the matter, though: the b&b spells it with an apostrophe: Merlin’s Rest. (Note: the headline for its b&b entry has neglected the apostrophe, though reinstalls it properly for the descriptive text.) We use a non-possessive plural: Merlins Rest. We are not obsessively possessive and our “Merlin” stands for a few things.

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